Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Litigation Support

 TGC consults with attorneys, corporations and individuals on complex commercial litigation issues. This area is complex because the matter is most often composed of seemingly disparate pieces. When the pieces are assembled, however, a picture emerges that brings focus and understanding.

We conduct forensic market research, evaluate market studies, review and/or perform appraisals, and conduct real estate forecasts back-in-time, currently, and forward-in-time to assess damages or "just compensation" and bring context to the issues in question. 

We have experience in numerous areas of commercial litigation. We are involved on a continuous basis with the market place and thus have ongoing business experience in the valuation, brokerage, due diligence and development of real estate to couple our expert testimony with on the stand. Our principals have also been involved in international arbitration cases involving properties in foreign countries as well. A description of some of our practice areas that are offered to our attorney clients are as follows:

•   Eminent Domain and Condemnation ("Just Compensation" valuations)

  • Estate and probate valuations
  • Expert scope of work assistance
  • Cross examination assistance
  • Review and rebuttal of expert reports
  • Preparation of expert reports estimating damages and valuation of assets
  • Exhibit preparation for trial