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Property Tax Consulting

Complicated, high value properties require sophisticated and experienced real estate professionals who understand value, the marketplace, the asset type, and what impacts value upward or downward. However, it does not stop there. Your tax consultant professional does not just have to be highly experienced in valuation, they have to be able to communicate convincingly the arguments and analyses that will ultimately lower your tax assessments and tax dollars paid.

At TGC, we are not just tax assessment appeal professionals, we are valuation experts. We bring that full package to the table, having multiple decades of experience in analyzing complicated real estate assets both in valuation, brokerage and in litigation support roles. We have been matured in the heat of battles and trained in virtually every nuance that can raise its head to impact properties in the marketplace.  We are expert at finding and making the logical arguments and picking out the particular issues with properties that matter in terms of value. In many cases, this enables the high assessment issues you have with your property to be alleviated early on in the appeal process ... saving you time, money and headaches.

We push hard in analyses early on in the process in ways that can keep you from having to pay attorneys later. We will always know a lot more about your property than anyone else in the room or on a Zoom call. Let us handle your tax assessment appeal process so you can do what you do best. Handling your tax assessment appeals is what we do best. We know that real estate taxes can literally be an out-of-control killer to your bottom line. We see it every day. We will absolutely attack that problem as though it were our own. We only get paid when we save you tax dollars.

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